About Online Chinese Resources

This Online Chinese Resources provides annotated and categorized web links related to Chinese language learning and teaching resources.

This Online Chinese Resources are designed to meet the needs of Chinese school teachers, mostly part-time teachers or volunteers, who do not have much time searching resources they  need before class and who wish to learn more about teaching methods to improve their teaching.  This web page is also designed for Chinese heritage learners, who wish to learn more about Chinese language and culture beyond class meeting time at home.

The Chinese Resources are classified into three categories:

Learning Materials consist of tools (e.g., dictionary, flashcard, software, translation, Pinying & tone & character practice ), culture & history, art, food & cuisine, travel & city, news, literature, game, tutor & pen pal, and multiple links;

Teaching Materials involve classroom activities, model syllabi, tests, and online textbooks;

Professional Development Materials include training program video, classroom management and best practice videos, etc. Each web link of resource is followed by a short annotation indicating the main content and unique features.

The online resources are collected from Chinese schools and professional organizations, as well as recommendations from educators.

While we strove to provide useful web-based resources, we welcome any suggestions and recommendation to help us improve this Online Chinese Resources.. Please feel free to contact Dr. An Chung Cheng at [email protected].

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